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The Savvy Advantage

With many major companies (Coles, Woolworths Bunnings,BOQ) launching loyalty card programmes over recent years, Australian consumers are now eagerly taking advantage of these loyalty programmes to earn points or save money when they make various purchases.

This is not a new idea!

For many years small businesses (hairdressers, beauty salons, pharmacies etc.) have run their own small loyalty programmes as a way to encourage customers to return on a regular basis.

Why you should consider SAVVY Connections!

The Savvy Card will appeal to a wide range of businesses, especially those who are looking to have an edge over their competition.

What you can expect when you join the Savvy Connections.

For those who are already running a loyalty programme, Savvy Connections can dovetail into your current marketing efforts and offer your customers additional advantages:

  • Showcase your business to hundreds/thousands of new potential customers on our Business Showcase.
  • Customers that receive a Savvy card, will be able to get a small discount on each occasion that they present the card to a member business listed with Savvy Connections.
  • All your customer needs to do to activate the card they have been given, is to register on the Savvy Connections website. This simple registration (name & email address) ensures that the card can be used with businesses that appear in the ”Business Directory” on our website.
  • Every business that joins Savvy can offer membership to their staff and family simply by downloading the Savvy app to their smartphone or tablet.
  • Most businesses (hairdressers, beauty salons, shoe stores, apparel stores) will fall into a narrow band for the savings that may offer a 5% to 10% discount, but some other businesses will be able to comfortably offer 10% to 20% savings e.g. Restaurants & the accommodation industry.
  • Member business card holders can also participate and save money when they buy from others in the Savvy Card program, It’s like a club!